Issue Reporting

Found a bug? Great, we'd love to hear about it.

Please note the issue tracker isn't for personal assistance, if you have a problem that isn't a reproducable bug in the core framework, please use the community help for assistance.

Before you report the issue on our issue tracker we ask you to do a few things:

  • Verify that the task hasn't already been reported on the tracker
  • Make sure the bug hasn't already been fixed, use the latest SNAPSHOT of LibGDX to latest
  • Create a self contained example to demonstrate the issue. Don't hack a project down, start fresh to reproduce the error.

Once you have done this, please submit this along with any stacktraces or assets to the issue tracker, whilst filling out the template that is shown when creating a new issue.

If the issue submitted is invalid, such as the template being ignored, or not providing reproduction steps (no matter how easy it might seem to you), the issue will most likely be closed. There is a limited amount of time contributors have, and incomplete issues make it very time consuming and difficult to diagnose and try to fix.