Getting started

  1. Setup your development environment (Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, NetBeans)
  2. Create a libgdx project (Video, Wiki)
  3. Import, run and debug your project with
  4. Package your application (Video, Wiki)
  5. Run the demos (Video, Wiki)
  6. Work from source (Video, Wiki)
  7. Read the Wiki!
  8. Read the Javadocs
  9. Join the Forums and IRC
  10. Follow our Blog and Twitter (@badlogicgames, @libgdx)


LibGDX Cross-platfrom Game Development Cookbook by David Saltares Marquez (core contributor) and Alberto Cejas Sanchez covers everything you need to get started with 2D game development. Concepts are illustrated via easy to digest recipes.

Learning LibGDX Game Development by Suryakumar Balakrishnan walks you through the creation of a full 2D game. Make sure to get the 2nd edition!

LibGDX Game Development By Example by James Cook walks you through the creation of 4 games in an easy to follow guide with libGDX!